Basic Operations

I just got the batteries & charger. What do I need to do before first using them?

For new NiMH batteries, it is necessary to cycle them three to five times before they reach peak performance. Battery cycling can be achieved simply by using the batteries and recharging them or using the charger’s built-in conditioner (see below).

How do I get start charging?

The charger has two decks: the upper deck is for the AA batteries and the lower deck is for the AAA batteries. To install the AAA batteries, simply insert two or four of them into the lower deck, with the positive tip pointed up.If charging two batteries, always use the rightmost two or leftmost two banks. If charging four batteries, fill all four banks.Do not charge AA and AAA batteries simultaneously in the same bank.While charging batteries, always leave the charger lid open to allow better cooling.Follow the directions in the product manual under "Charging Instructions.

The batteries get warm when I charge them. Is this normal?

When charging NiCD or NiMH rechargeable batteries, they do increase in temperature substantially due to internal resistance. Thus, the batteries may feel warm when the charge is completed. According to specification, most NiMH batteries, including Maha, may heat up to 131 deg F or 55 deg C during a rapid charge. This can certainly feel hot to some individuals.

How come my charger did not come with a lid?

To reduce the possiblity of overheating with the lid closed during charging. We had modified the charger design to not include a lid.

What is conditioning?

The conditioning feature on the MH-C204F basically rejuvenates your batteries by first draining them and then charging them. By using this feature, your batteries will perform at their highest standards. Conditioning is also used to eliminate the memory effect which NiCD batteries suffer from.

How often should I condition my batteries?

For Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, conditioning is recommended once for every ten charges. For Nickel Cadmium (NiCD) batteries, conditioning is recommended every time you charge your batteries.

Can I leave my batteries in the charger until I need to use them?

For most NiMH batteries, including Maha rechargeable batteries, can be left in the charger for an extended period of time without leakage, explosion, or deformation. However, do not store the batteries in the charger if it is not necessary. Always store charged batteries in a cool location.

I have not used my NiMH batteries in several month and they are not holding their charge. How can I fix this?

NiMH batteries will self-discharge if left unused. Generally, within 30 to 60 days, batteries will become completely drained. When using them, you will need to first recharge them. After extended storage, you may need to condition (using the conditioning feature on PowerEx chargers like the MH-C204F) the batteries several times to regain nominal performance.

Can I use my MH-C204F in the car?

Since the MH-C204F runs on 12V DC, you can use it in the car provided that you have a cigarette lighter adapter (Maha Part Number: MHS-DC-124). Make sure that your vehicle is supplying 13.8V or below. Some trucks may have 24V. In addition, never plug in the charger while you are starting your vehicle.

Can I use my MH-C204F to charge "Renewal Alkaline" or other rechargeable Alkaline batteries?

No. The MH-C204F is only compatible with NiCD and NiMH style rechargeable batteries. Charging "Renewal", other alkaline batteries, or any non-rechargeable batteries, may result in damaging the charger or even fire.

When I insert the batteries into my charger, there are no lights whatsoever. What could be wrong?

If no indicator is displayed, check your power source. Make sure it is plugged in correctly into a wall outlet with matching specification listed on the wall adapter. If you continue to experience difficulty, it may be possible that the wall adapter has failed. In that event, contact our customer service for assistance.