Powerex Holiday Gift Guide


For All The Tech-Savvy People In Your List

Any Tech-Savvy person will love playing with our state-of-art Powerex battery charger-analyzers, which allows to fine tune battery analysis needs. Pair them up with the best batteries to keep gadgets running all day! 

MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger-Analyzer

The “bad battery” guessing game is finally over! The MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger-Analyzer has 4 Modes of operation: Charge, Break-In, Discharge, and Refresh & Analyze; which means that in addition to charging batteries, it can also analyze the health of the batteries. It charges 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries via 4 independent charging slots in about 1 hour.
MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer

This charger is the best combination of an 8-cell charger with battery health analyzing features. It can charge and analyze up to 8 AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. If there is a need to charge dozens of batteries, this charger can help do the job. You can charge 8 AA batteries in approximately 1 hour with its Turbo charge mode.


Powerex PRO AA Batteries
$13.95 - $26.95

The Powerex PRO rechargeable batteries are the best batteries for high drain devices. With its ultra high capacity of 2700mAh, it is perfect for all those who need that extra power. Available in a 4-PACK and a 8-PACK.


Powerex Precharged AAA Batteries

The Powerex Precharged AAA rechargeable batteries are designed for your everyday items. It has a capacity of 1000mAh, which gives you much longer run time than your alkaline batteries. 


Battery Holder

Don't you hate it when you can't find batteries when you need them the most? Don't lose those batteries in a drawer, keep them organized in this clear battery holder, which can hold 8 AA batteries and 8-10 AAA batteries. Also available in a 4 Battery Holder.


Accessory Padded Bag

Neatly organize everything together in this accessory bag. It has padded dividers that will help protect and organize your batteries, chargers, or any other tech items.







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