Powerex Holiday Gift Guide


The Guide to Finding the Best Powerex Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Batteries may be the last thing we think of when gifting a battery powered toy or gadget, but it’s the first thing we think of as soon as we realize the gift can’t be enjoyed right away due to no batteries. Forgetting to include batteries with gifts is very common this holiday season, but it’s a must have!

Don’t stress, we got you covered. We have put together a holiday gift guide based on interests to help you quickly shop for what you need this holiday season. What’s even better, the Powerex rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times, which saves money in the long run and saves the environment by reducing battery waste. It’s a win-win! Let's not forget the chargers! They help keep these batteries powered when you need them. 






Do you feel like gifting batteries is too boring? Here are some more creative ways to gift them.

  1. Use them as a Stocking Stuffer. It’s not exciting at first, but it’ll be the best thing once the gift needs to be powered!
  2. Use it as a Gift Topper. It will make it look like the complete gift package.
  3. Install the Batteries into the toys/device ahead of time before wrapping it. Avoid a dead device and even possible tantrums (from kids and adults lol) that can come along with it.
  4. Carry some Extra Packs on you in your next family or friends holiday gathering. You will be the hero of the evening if anyone needs to power their gift.



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Recharge, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Let’s work together to reduce battery waste!


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